New features

  • Load all function chunks of the flat file currently opened with load_flat_functions() (Like a load_all() for a flat file)
  • Allow to inflate() a Quarto “.qmd” flat file (#160)


  • Fix HTML5 doc

New features

  • inflate() the current opened flat file if flat_file is empty (#138)
  • Add rmarkdown template for additional flat file for RStudio
  • Add wrappers around add_flat_template() for lazy devs: add_additional(), add_full(), add_minimal()
  • Show “flat_template” origin of files generated by {fusen} (@ ALanguillaume)
  • Allow inflate(vignette_name = c("Super title" = "01-Super Slug")) for nice Title different from vignette Entry (#87)
  • Get the author and date from flat file to the vignette (#129)

Bug fixes

  • Read DESCRIPTION file for package name when available (#144 @VincentGuyader)
  • Read nyc_squirrels with encoding to avoid encoding problems with use_data()
  • Allow flat files with tests only
  • Extract yaml metadata from flat file, like author or date to include in the inflated vignette
  • Simplify “flat_teaching” with a unique simple function
  • Fix asciify_name() to account for diacritics (@ ALanguillaume)
  • Improve template ‘full’ for internal data use
  • Fix tests when git does not exists

Breaking changes

  • add_flat_template() superseeds add_dev_history() with more advanced possibilities
  • add_dev_history() is deprecated
  • Vignette name to create is now set with inflate(vignette_name = "Get started") instead of name
  • Flat name to inflate is now set with inflate(flat_file = "dev/flat_full.Rmd") instead of rmd

Major changes

  • Check included now uses devtools::check() instead of rcmdcheck()
  • Avoid creating vignette with inflate(vignette_name = NA)
  • Decide whether or not to open vignette when inflate with inflate(open_vignette = FALSE)
  • Improve documentation included in flat templates to reflect changes in using dev_history file
  • Add RStudio Addin to insert a new flat template
  • Add RStudio Addin to insert chunks for new function (@ColinFay)
  • Deal with \dontrun{} in example chunks
  • Allow short names for chunks: dev, fun, ex, test
  • create_fusen() to create a {fusen} project from command line or with RStudio new project (@ALanguillaume)
  • Add “do not edit by hand” in files generated

Grouping functions under the same file

  • Group functions in same R file and test file if under same (level 1 + level 2) titles in the Rmd
  • Group functions in same R file and test file if they have the same @rdname roxygen tag
  • Group functions in same R file and test file if they have the same @filename roxygen tag (only recognized by ‘fusen’)
  • Group functions in same R file and test file if the function chunk get chunk option {r function-my_func, filename = "my_filename"}

Minor changes

  • add_flat_template() uses the flat_name to pre-fill the template with the first function name.
  • Fix .onLoad functions file creation
  • Allow R6Class() in function chunks
  • Fix inflate function chunks with data or package documentation only
  • Fix inflate with empty functions chunks
  • Fix filename to inflate in templates with new calls of add_dev_history() (@Cervangirard)
  • Default vignette name is now “Get started” creating “vignettes/get-started.Rmd”
  • All open files are saved when using inflate() where {RStudioapi} works
  • Ask to restart RStudio after first inflate
  • Update vignette and tests
  • Update unit tests
  • Show check outputs in console
  • Ask before overwriting everything
  • Check Description Title and description fields
  • Check if folder name is correct package name
  • Protect tests from older Pandoc versions
  • Fix documentation issues for CRAN
  • Add templates for “dev_history.Rmd” file
  • Add more informative messages to users
  • New vignette to explain how to maintain a {fusen} package
  • Prepare for CRAN


  • Allow non-clean vignette name
  • Allow different “dev_history” templates: “full”, “minimal” and “additional”


  • Add vignette to explain how to maintain a package with {fusen}
  • Add vignette to explain how to deal with data
  • Added a file to track changes to the package.


  • Add tests for corner cases in Rmd templates
  • First release