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This uses 'pkgdown' to share the documentation of the package through GitHub Actions. You may need to run usethis::create_github_token(), then gitcreds::gitcreds_set() before.


init_share_on_github(ask = TRUE, organisation = NULL)



Logical. TRUE (default) to ask the user to apply the instructions each time needed, or FALSE if the user already know what to do.


If supplied, the repo will be created under this organisation, instead of the login associated with the GitHub token discovered for this host. The user's role and the token's scopes must be such that you have permission to create repositories in this organisation.


The URL of the website created


init_share_on_github() runs multiple steps to be able to share a proper package on GitHub:

  • Start versionning with git if not already

  • Connect to your GitHub account

  • Create a minimal DESCRIPTION file if missing

    • You will have to update its content with your information after deployment

  • Add NEWS file to present modifications of your releases

  • Add README.Rmd and knit it to to quickly present the aim and the use of your package

  • Init continuous integration (CI)

    • Check the package on Linux, Windows and MacOS

    • Calculate code coverage. Note that you may need to connect to to see the results of the code coverage.

  • Init continuous deployment (CD) of the 'pkgdown' website documentation

  • Commit and push to GitHub

  • List remaining manual steps to make the website public

Read vignette("share-on-a-github-website", package = "fusen")


if (FALSE) {
# This modifies the current directory and send it on GitHub