First of all, thank you for taking time to contribute to golem!

What you can help with

There are several ways to contribute to the package:

  1. Spot typos and/or mistakes in the documentations

  2. Feature requests or Bug Report

  3. Contribute the code-base with new features or with bug fixes

How to contribute

  1. For typos, please open an issue or a Pull request with your change.

For a simple typo, you can PR into the repo without opening an issue first. You can also only report the typo without doing a PR.

  1. For a new feature or bug report, start by opening an issue on this repo.

You’re welcome to fix the bug or implement the feature, but please don’t PR in the repo with features or bugs correction without opening an issue first so that we can discuss the feature / confirm the bug.

Making change into {golem}

  1. Fork the repo on your profile.

  2. git clone your repo on your machine.

git clone
  1. Work on the dev branch.
git branch dev

Or use the Git panel from RStudio

  1. Make the changes locally.

  2. Be sure to have a devtools::check() that return 0 errors, 0 warnings and 0 mistakes


If ever you have some errors, please specify it in your commit message / PR comment

  1. PR the change into golem dev branch, not straight to master

  2. In your PR message, please add the reference of the issue, and the content to be used in Changes can be : ## New Functions, ## New features, ## Breaking changes, ## Bug fix, ## Bug fix, ## Internal changes

See for an example


Please style the files according to grkstyle::grk_style_transformer()

# If you work in RStudio
options(styler.addins_style_transformer = "grkstyle::grk_style_transformer()")

# If you work in VSCode
options(languageserver.formatting_style = function(options) {