Inflate Rmd to package

  pkg = ".",
  vignette_name = "Get started",
  open_vignette = TRUE,
  check = TRUE,
  document = TRUE,
  overwrite = "ask",



Path to package


Path to Rmarkdown file to inflate


Character. Title of the resulting vignette. Use NA if you do not want to create a vignette.


Logical. Whether to open vignette file at the end of the process


Logical. Whether to check package after Rmd inflating


Logical. Whether to document your package using att_amend_desc


Logical (TRUE, FALSE) or character ("ask", "yes", "no). Whether to overwrite vignette and functions if already exists.


Arguments passed to devtools::check(). For example, you can do inflate(check = TRUE, quiet = TRUE), where quiet is passed to devtools::check().


Package structure. Return path to current package.

See also

inflate_all() to inflate every flat files according to the configuration file.


# Create a new project
dummypackage <- tempfile("dummy.package")

# {fusen} steps
dev_file <- add_flat_template(template = "full", pkg = dummypackage, overwrite = TRUE)
#> Created file .here in /tmp/Rtmp87ssOA/dummy.package178e1115a47b . Please start a new R session in the new project directory.
flat_file <- dev_file[grepl("flat", dev_file)]
fill_description(pkg = dummypackage, fields = list(Title = "Dummy Package"))
#> [1] "/tmp/Rtmp87ssOA/dummy.package178e1115a47b/DESCRIPTION"
  pkg = dummypackage, flat_file = flat_file,
  vignette_name = "Exploration of my Data", check = FALSE
#>  Setting active project to '/tmp/Rtmp87ssOA/dummy.package178e1115a47b'
#>  Loading dummy.package178e1115a47b
#> Writing NAMESPACE
#>  Adding 'knitr' to Suggests field in DESCRIPTION
#>  Use `requireNamespace("knitr", quietly = TRUE)` to test if package is installed
#>  Then directly refer to functions with `knitr::fun()`
#>  Adding 'inst/doc' to '.gitignore'
#> ── config file for dev/flat_full.Rmd ───────────────────────────────────────────
#>  path: dev/flat_full.Rmd was added to the config file
#>  state: active was added to the config file
#>  R: R/my_median.R was added to the config file
#>  R: R/my_other_median.R was added to the config file
#>  tests: tests/testthat/test-my_median.R was added to the config file
#>  tests: tests/testthat/test-my_other_median.R was added to the config file
#>  vignettes: vignettes/exploration-of-my-data.Rmd was added to the config file
#>  inflate: each parameter was added to the config file
#> Saving attachment parameters to yaml config file
#> Updating dummy.package178e1115a47b documentation
#>  Loading dummy.package178e1115a47b
#> Writing NAMESPACE
#> Writing my_median.Rd
#> Writing my_other_median.Rd
#> Writing sub_median.Rd
#>  Loading dummy.package178e1115a47b
#> [+] 3 package(s) added: stats, rmarkdown, testthat.

# Explore directory of the package
# browseURL(dummypackage)

# Try pkgdown build
# usethis::use_pkgdown()
# pkgdown::build_site(dummypackage)
# Delete dummy package
unlink(dummypackage, recursive = TRUE)