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Inflate Rmd to package


  pkg = ".",
  vignette_name = "Get started",
  open_vignette = TRUE,
  check = TRUE,
  document = TRUE,
  overwrite = "ask",
  clean = "ask",
  update_params = TRUE,



Path to package


Path to Rmarkdown file to inflate


Character. Title of the resulting vignette. Use NA if you do not want to create a vignette.


Logical. Whether to open vignette file at the end of the process


Logical. Whether to check package after Rmd inflating


Logical. Whether to document your package using att_amend_desc


Logical (TRUE, FALSE) or character ("ask", "yes", "no). Whether to overwrite vignette and functions if already exists.


Logical (TRUE, FALSE) or character ("ask", "yes", "no) Whether to delete files that are not anymore created by the current flat file. Typically, if you have deleted or renamed a function in the flat file. Default to "ask".


Logical. Whether to update the inflate parameters in the configuration file.


Arguments passed to devtools::check(). For example, you can do inflate(check = TRUE, quiet = TRUE), where quiet is passed to devtools::check().


Package structure. Return path to current package.

See also

inflate_all() to inflate every flat files according to the configuration file.


# Create a new project
dummypackage <- tempfile("dummy.package")

# {fusen} steps
dev_file <- add_flat_template(template = "full", pkg = dummypackage, overwrite = TRUE)
#> Created file .here in /tmp/RtmporxLlS/dummy.package187f5ece748b . Please start a new R session in the new project directory.
flat_file <- dev_file[grepl("flat", dev_file)]
fill_description(pkg = dummypackage, fields = list(Title = "Dummy Package"))
  pkg = dummypackage, flat_file = flat_file,
  vignette_name = "Exploration of my Data", check = FALSE
#>  Setting active project to '/tmp/RtmporxLlS/dummy.package187f5ece748b'
#>  Loading dummy.package187f5ece748b
#> Writing NAMESPACE
#>  Adding 'knitr' to Suggests field in DESCRIPTION
#>  Use `requireNamespace("knitr", quietly = TRUE)` to test if package is installed
#>  Then directly refer to functions with `knitr::fun()`
#>  Adding 'inst/doc' to '.gitignore'
#> ── config file for dev/flat_full.Rmd ───────────────────────────────────────────
#>  R: R/my_median.R was added to the config file
#>  R: R/my_other_median.R was added to the config file
#>  tests: tests/testthat/test-my_median.R was added to the config file
#>  tests: tests/testthat/test-my_other_median.R was added to the config file
#>  vignettes: vignettes/exploration-of-my-data.Rmd was added to the config file
#> Saving attachment parameters to yaml config file
#> Updating dummy.package187f5ece748b documentation
#>  Loading dummy.package187f5ece748b
#> Writing NAMESPACE
#> Writing my_median.Rd
#> Writing my_other_median.Rd
#> Writing sub_median.Rd
#>  Loading dummy.package187f5ece748b
#> [+] 3 package(s) added: stats, rmarkdown, testthat.

# Explore directory of the package
# browseURL(dummypackage)

# Try pkgdown build
# usethis::use_pkgdown()
# pkgdown::build_site(dummypackage)
# Delete dummy package
unlink(dummypackage, recursive = TRUE)