A package designed to help people with clumsy fingers.

Installation of fcuk

Stop fcuk

You can stop fcuk at anytime by calling the remove_error_tracker function. Start the error tracker again with init_error_tracker.

Recurrent use of fcuk

You can launch fcuk with your R session.

.First <- function(){
cat("\n Bonjour !  - ", date(), "\n") 

It will be more efficient to add this library to your Rprofile. You can use fcuk::add_fcuk_to_rprofile() to do so. Then, any time you launch your R project, fcuk will be launched at the same time.

You can also add fcuk inside your Rprofile.site file. Then you’ll have this functionnality inside all your Rstudio projects.

fcuk functions

You’ll typically never need to use the functions contained in fcuk. You just need to launch this library, and fcuk will do his job in the background.

Feedbacks and questions

Feel free to report any issue you may have with this package.