If you want to mount other volumes inside the Docker container, you can use parameter volumes. This requires a data.frame with two columns named local and docker.

  • local contains path to local computer
  • docker contains path inside the docker container linked to local

Create directories to mount in the Docker

The main project directory will be directly accessible at the root of RStudio server inside the Docker. It is called in path parameter.

tempdir <- tempdir()
my_project <- normalizePath(file.path(tempdir, "myproject"), mustWork = FALSE)

The following directory will be mounted inside the Docker container at a chosen place. In this example, we will link the additional directory inside RStudio home directory (aside the main project).

my_additional <- normalizePath(file.path(tempdir, "my_additional"), mustWork = FALSE)
my_additional2 <- normalizePath(file.path(tempdir, "my_additional2"), mustWork = FALSE)

Create the table of correspondance for additional volumes

volumes <- data.frame(
  local = c(my_additional, my_additional2),
  docker = c("/home/rstudio/my_additional", "/home/rstudio/my_additional2") 

Launch Docker with other volumes

# Which container with RStudio server? ----
container <- "rocker/geospatial:4.0.1"

# Which port ? ----
# _Useful if multiple Rstudio Server to launch
port <- 8788

# Start Docker project
launch_proj_docker(path = my_project,
                   container = container,
                   port = port,
                   volumes = volumes)

# Stop Docker properly
stop_proj_docker(path = my_project, sleep = 5)