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This outlines how to propose a change to ‘lightparser’.

Use of ‘fusen’ to build the code base and documentation

Package ‘fusen’ is used to build the code base and documentation of ‘lightparser’.
‘fusen’ is a package that provides a framework for building R packages from a Rmarkdown file (or Quarto file). See documentation of ‘fusen’ for more details:

Some tips to contribute with ‘fusen’

  • Most of modifications can be realized by modifying a ‘flat’ file in the “dev/” directory. Then, run fusen::inflate_all() to generate the corresponding R, test or vignette files.

  • You can see the list of all active flat files and the corresponding generated files by opening the “dev/config_fusen.yaml” file. There is one section for each flat file.

  • You will see text like "# WARNING - Generated by 'fusen' from dev/flat_***.Rmd: do not edit by hand" on the top of all generated R, test or vignette files, when they are actually generated by ‘fusen’. All other file, not generated by ‘fusen’, should be listed under the "keep" section in the “dev/config_fusen.yaml” file. You can run fusen::check_not_registered_files() to check if that’s the case.

Modify documentation

  • You will find the roxygen skeleton in the corresponding function chunk
  • Text of the vignette is generally the text between chunk of the flat file

Modify of a function

We recommend a test driven development approach:

  • Write or modify a unit test in the corresponding test chunk of the function
  • Modify the code of the function in the corresponding function chunk
  • Run the ‘inflate’ command at the bottom of the flat file
  • Run devtools::test() to check if the test is passing

To avoid multiple inflates, you can run the code locally

  • Instead of inflating, run fusen::load_flat_functions() to load the function of the current flat file in your global environment
  • Run your tests line by line from the test chunk
  • You can also use your favorite debuging tools

What if I do not understand ‘fusen’ ?

We are here to help.
If you know how to modify a package without ‘fusen’, contribute as you would do normally. Forget the flat files for a moment. A ‘fusen’ package is still a classical package if you remove the “dev/” directory. There is no difference.

Open a Pull Request and we will help you to integrate your contribution in the ‘fusen’ framework.

Code of Conduct

Please note that the ‘lightparser’ project is released with a Contributor Code of Conduct. By contributing to this project you agree to abide by its terms.