Chapter 1 Disclaimer

This book is still at a Work in Progress stage.

1.1 Motivation

This book will not get you started with Shiny, nor talk about how to deploy into production and scale your app. What we’ll see is the process of building the app. Why? Lots of blog posts and books talk about starting to use shiny or putting apps in production. Very few (if any) talk about this grey area between getting started and pushing into production.

So this is what this book is going to talk about: building Shiny application. We’ll focus on the process, the workflow, and the tools we use at ThinkR when building big Shiny Apps.

Hence, if you’re starting to read this book, we assume you have a working knowledge of how to build a small application, and want to know how to go one step further.

1.2 Book structure

  • Part 1 (Building big Shiny Apps) gives a general context about what is a big Shiny Apps and what challenges arise when you’re dealing with a big application.

  • Part 2 (Step by Step) describes a series of steps you can take when you want to build a big Shiny App.

  • Part 3 (Tools) introduces various tools you can use: notably the {golem} package.

  • Part 4 (Optimizing) tackles the question of optimization, first by presenting some common caveats of big Shiny Apps, and then showing how to optimize R code, and use JavaScript to lighten R work.

1.3 Wanna help?

Any feedbacks on the book is very welcome. Feel free to open an issue, or to make a PR if you spot a typo (I’m not a native english speaker, so there might be some waiting to be found ;) ).